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Learning Objectives for Module 3

  1. Defend dairy ingredients use in a competitive food ingredients marketplace
  2. Explain pricing, and risks associated with dairy ingredients contracts.
  3. Organize available resources available to support dairy ingredients sector
  4. Estimate the degree of impact consumer issues have on dairy ingredients markets
  5. Summarize efforts to insure dairy ingredients quality and safety

All sessions in Module 3 will be viewed on-demand and available beginning April 1 and viewable throughout the semester.

Live Q&A Session

Held with all Module 3 speakers

Wednesday, April 24 | 1:00-2:00 pm Central

Each session is listed below with the instructor and anticipated learning outcomes.

Module 3.1

Competitive Landscape for Dairy Ingredients – Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids | KJ Burrington, VP of Technical Development at ADPI

  • Understand that there are naturally occurring nutrients from milk which make dairy ingredients unique from other food ingredients
  • How the carbohydrates (lactose) in dairy can function like other carbohydrates
  • How does milkfat (butter)compare to other fat sources
  • How do dairy and plant proteins compare based on function and taste
  • How are the other dairy alternatives made?

New Products that Use Dairy and Plant Based Ingredients | Tom Vierhile, Vice President of Strategic Insights at Innova Market Insights

  • What's New in Dairy US
  • Dairy Innovation
  • Dairy vs. Plant
  • What's next

Module 3.2

U.S. Dairy Decarbonization & Supply Chain Programs

Jessie Deelo, CEO & Founder of The Climate Source

  • Update on US Dairy Decarbonization Initiatives
  • Role of Carbon Markets
  • USDA Climate Smart Commodities

Food Safety Modernization Act Basics | Marianne Smukowski, Owner at Marianne Smukowski Consulting LLC

  • What is FSMA?
  • Seven Rules of FSMA
  • Preventive Controls

Module 3.3

Supply Chain: Farm to Processor | Scott Sexton, Chairman & CEO at of Ever.Ag

  • Understanding the dairy supply chain
  • Dairy farm to dairy processor
  • Take away 1-2 practical ideas to improve your supply chain
  • Optimize your performance and prepare your operation for future trends

Purchasing Contracts, Managing Risks, Price Discovery | Sara Dorland, Managing Partner at CERES Dairy Risk Management LLC

  • Dairy price discovery
  • Better understanding of mechanism and how price is established
  • Purchase contracts
  • What drives dairy and milk prices
  • Purchase contracts
  • Develop an appreciation for dairy products and milk formulas
  • Price discovery
  • What are the most common price series for dairy
  • Risk Management
  • How risk management can mitigate volatility

Module 3.4

Export Markets | Patti Smith, CEO of DairyAmerica

  • Importance and role of US Dairy Exports
  • How do we support US Dairy Exports
  • Today's export challenges
  • Preparing for the future

A Global View of New Products that Use Dairy Ingredients | Donna Berry, Food Scientist, Editor & Consultant at Dairy & Food Communications, Inc.

  • Global food and beverage innovations with dairy ingredients
  • Consumer priorities fueling food and beverage innovation
  • The five needed states that run the snacking spectrum

Module 3.5

Dairy Centers and Emerging Milk and Cheese Research | Hari Meletharayil, VP of Product Research at National Dairy Council

  • What is DMIs research investment strategy across the three horizons of innovation
  • Some key DMI research investments in the snacking category
  • Some key DMI research investments in the health and wellness category
  • Some key DMI research investments in the dairy beverage category

Emerging Dairy Ingredient Research | Rohit Kapoor, VP of Ingredients at National Dairy Council

  • Understand the role of dairy farmer investment in R&D to fuel innovation and boost competitiveness of the U.S. dairy industry
  • Learn about the current and future focus on dairy ingredients research
  • Explore the farmer funded resources available to you to help you innovate

Module 3.6

Emerging Milkfat Research | Moises Torres Gonzalez, VP of Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council

  • Saturated fat recommendations
  • State of the Science on LDL-Cholesterol, Saturated Fat and CVD
  • Whole-Milk dairy foods, dairy fat and cardiometabolic health
  • Dairy food matrix
  • Evolving dietary recommendations on saturated fat and dairy foods

Dairy Farm Practices Today and in the Future | Emily Yeiser Stepp

  • Dairy animal welfare management guidelines
  • Tools and resources on how farmers measure and improve their environmental footprint
  • How dairy farmers enahnce safe and thriving work environments to provide excellent cow care and produce wholesome milk
  • Farm biosecurity