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Learning Objectives for Module 3

  1. Defend dairy ingredients use in a competitive food ingredients marketplace
  2. Explain pricing, and risks associated with dairy ingredients contracts.
  3. Organize available resources available to support dairy ingredients sector
  4. Estimate the degree of impact consumer issues have on dairy ingredients markets
  5. Summarize efforts to insure dairy ingredients quality and safety

All courses will be live on the following dates from 1:00-3:00 pm CST. Recordings from each Module will be shared with registered attendees in 1-2 days following the scheduled date.

August 9, 2023

Module 3.1

  • Dairy Sustainability and Animal Welfare
  • Food Safety Modernization Act Basics

August 23, 2023

Module 3.2

  • Competitive Landscape for Dairy Ingredients – Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids
  • New Products that Use Dairy and Plant Based Ingredients

September 6, 2023

Module 3.3

  • Supply Chain: Farm to Processor
  • Purchasing Contracts, Managing Risks, Price Discovery

September 20, 2023

Module 3.4

  • Export Markets
  • A global view of new products that use dairy ingredients

October 11, 2023

Module 3.5

  • Emerging Dairy Ingredient Research
  • Emerging Milk & Cheese Research

October 25, 2023

Module 3.6

  • Emerging Milkfat Research
  • Debunking Dairy Misconceptions
  • Program Review, Module 3 and Overall Program