Registration will close on October 15, 2024

Undergraduate students* are encouraged to learn all about dairy ingredients too!  

In a collaboration with Kansas State University, we are pleased to offer our annual Dairy Ingredients 360 training course as "Introduction to the Dairy Ingredient Industry" in the 2024 fall semester. The online course will begin August 19, 2024, will run as a standard, 16-week course, and provides three (3) transferrable credit hours. It is open to any student seeking an undergraduate-level degree. 

To Enroll:

  • Step 1: Undergraduate students should first apply to enroll as a non-degree seeking student at Kansas State University. To apply, click here and follow the prompts for Undergraduate Non degree-seeking. This step must be completed before enrolling in the course.
  • Step 2: Once your application has been accepted, search for the course listing online herePlease be sure to select Fall 2024 and then search for the course using FDSCI 630​
  • Course Number: FDSCI 630
  • Section Number: 17242
  • Course Title: Introduction to the Dairy Ingredient Industry
  • Students are encouraged to enroll before August 23, 2024 to avoid additional fees. After August 23, special permission must be requested in order to enroll.

Questions about the enrollment process? Please email KJ Burrington, VP of Technical Development, at

*All graduate-level students should register for the course through ADPI.